Why Is Kissing Important

Kissing is in its outright another form of communication. The kiss can and will communicate many different things depending on the situation and circumstances. Why is kissing important? Kissing, referring to Good Kissing –  has numerous benefits;

  • Creates passion.why is kissing important
  • Revives relationships.
  • Start that new relationship off right.
  • Inspires smiles and happiness.
  • Best fun with your clothes on.
  • Great for your health.
  • FUN and rewarding.\

To name just a few….

So Why Is Kissing Important!

How you Kiss is also very important. It might determine if you get a second date. How you kiss will demonstrate and portray;

  • Affection and Intimacy
  • Domination
  • Sexual Appeal
  • Appreciation
  • Comfort
  • Protection

To name just a few….
That’s Why Kissing Is Important!

Kisses come in many varieties;

  • Hello Kiss
  • Goodbye Kiss
  • French Kiss
  • Kiss Of Life
  • Kiss Of Death
  • Lustful kiss
  • Cheek kiss
  • Hand kiss

To name just a few….
That’s Why Kissing Is Important!

This is even more important – Focus on how she wants to be kissed and take the focus off of YOU! By paying special attention to her responses she will show you exactly how to match her mind, body and emotions.

I trust you took notice of the website name “howtwokiss” and not “howtokiss“. Kissing involves you and a partner. If your focus is on you, then your kissing will be less than desirable. Putting your focus on your partner and meeting their needs, matching how their mind and body become aroused will create the best in kissing moments.


It takes two to tango and it takes two to kiss.

Two kissing in total sync with each other is the sure path to deep intimacy and beyond.

Guys who are paying attention to their erection are not paying attention to her. There will be no passion in the kissing.

Is is (unfortunately) the rare man who will get lost in the passion of a great kiss.  The man who sees the kiss as the destination and sets his focus on savoring this moment is one to be reckoned with. Why is kissing important? I hope you are getting the idea!

What about How To Kiss?

fear of kissing
Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself!

No-one wants to be a bad kisser. Unfortunately, most girls simply will not tell you if you are a bad kisser. She will likely leave that discussion for when the girls next get together. The second date could be a long shot.

Kissing should be one of the easiest thing on earth.  And it can be.  It’s actually quite a simple process to get better. Mirroring or modelling  a girl’s technique works great. Why? She is going to kiss you exactly the way she wants to be kissed!

Many of the articles here will answer common question;

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How to Spice Up Kissing.

The First Kiss.

How To Know she is ready.

How to be a good kisser.

First Kiss do’s and dont’s.

But I already Know How To Kiss

So there is there room for improvement?
Your woman’s knees buckle when you give them a great Kiss?
You continue to blow her mind with your abilities as a great Kisser?
How important is your kissing in your relationship?
How many kissing styles are in your repertoire?

Kissing can always get better, there is no limitation to the variations of lips, tongue, hands, and body that one can incorporate.

Remember its “How Two Kiss” and not “How To Kiss”!