Where Do Women Like To Be Kissed

Hopefully this question is referring to “Where Do Women Like To Be Kissed On Their Body” and not a particular surrounding. That latter is very easily answered – Kiss that woman where-ever you are. Women love it when there partner kisses openly in a crowd or in public. Yes I know guys, a public display of affection is so hard, Get over it!

That being said, this article is about where women like their body being kissed.

Where Do Women Like To Be Kissed? Here are some of the top erogenous zones for women. Remember to always incorporate a change-up strategy and never rush kissing. 

10 Places To Kiss a Woman

where do women like to be kissed
Can I Be Any More Clear

(1) Kissing Her Neck

Many polls put the neck as the number one place that men and woman liked to be kissed. It is an obvious choice, however the neck has many zones, some way more sensitive than others. The nape of her neck is extremely sensitive. Simply breathing on it can give her goose bumps. A little tongue action with a nibble thrown in will get her very aroused. Other specific and effective spots are; the area right above the collar bone and the area at the end of the jawline.

(2) Kissing Her Shoulders

These are often neglected zones but surprisingly, shoulder blades ranked as another of the more pleasurable spots for both men and women. Woman love to have their shoulders kissed, nibbled and sucked.

The area from the back and sides of the neck to the ends of the shoulder blades is one of the most erogenous zones in a woman’s body. This is particularly powerful if you’re standing behind her.

(3) Belly

This is a highly vulnerable area and is a very tender and sensitive. This area could be very specific to your partner. Some people do not like to be touched or kissed in this area.  This area requires a very gently touch and may require learning how to accept pleasure through stimulation of the belly. Once accustomed to this zone your partner will find it extremely pleasurable.

(4) Fingers

We constantly rely on their sensitivity to feel textures, forms, and shapes. This sensitivity makes them an ideal tool for sexual stimulation. Kissing your lover’s fingers very sensuously and then putting them into your mouth can be incredibly arousing for men and women.

where to kiss a woman
Where To Kiss

(5) Inner Thighs 

A woman’s inner thighs are extremely sensitive to touch and they have no lack of nerve endings. 

(6) The Breasts

Yes I know, this is a no brainer. Unfortunately many guys simply give these breasts way too much attention . A few minutes will be sufficient and you should be on your way to exploring other parts of the body.

For women, this is no doubt one of the most erogenous zones of the body. Using a lubricant is highly recommended for stimulating the nipples . Try tracing circles with the tongue. The rest of the breast area requires a very delicate, light touch.

(7) Feet And Toes

This is not a technique for everyone, yet some really people enjoy the giving side of this. If you have not tried this yet then get ready for some potential fire works. The big toe can be especially sensitive and well worth sucking on. Some may be too ticklish or too self-conscious about their feet to enjoy it.

(8) Forehead

A very tender, romantic place to kiss that says, “I care about you.”

(9) Ears

Another very hot spot for many girls. For many woman and men, the ears are a quick and effective way to send the blood rushing to all the right places. Try licking the outside of the ear; tracing the grooves and ridges with your tongue. Nibble or suck on the earlobes, kiss the back of the ears.

(10) Kissing Her inside Her Arms (inner elbows)

The inner elbow is a great place to lightly kiss. Although not nearly as powerful as the neck, shoulders, and face this location has very good potential. It can often be used as a teasing as a teasing point when making your way across her body.

So there you have it, 10 very effective pleasure points for where do women like to be kissed. How do you incorporate this? Mix it up, work from her inner body to the extremities and vice-versa.



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