Types Of Kisses

types of kisses

Taste Of What’s To Come Types Of Kisses

Truly mischievous kissers of all genders know all about this kiss. This is the kiss that the female double agent gives James Bond so he doesn’t blow her cover, the kiss that says you’re as hot for him on the inside as you look hot the outside.

Often a full-mouthed French Kiss, it has an urgency and lust to it matched by no other kiss in that it’s showing them you’ve got more moves to make them melt that they can imagine. It’s a kiss where you are the aggressor and you lead the kiss from beginning to end. Pull them close, making eye contact.

perfect kiss

Slide your hands up onto the back of their head (or cradle her neck if her hair is perfect) as you pull their lips to yours, and press your body fully against theirs (all at the same time).

Then leap into the kiss, pressing against them more as you pull them into you, firmly caressing neck or head with your hands the whole time. French kiss deeply, then pull away as you pull their head back. Smile wickedly, and continue eye contact.

The Nuzzle
A nose and lips combination, the nuzzle is an excellent cuddle kiss that can even be done in public. A real sign of affection, intimacy and tenderness, yet it can last for a few seconds up to several minutes.
Nuzzling can be done on any part of the body, but creases, folds and bends are ideal, such as the nape of the neck, between the shoulder blades, behind the ears, under the jaw, and so on. It’s simple and feels sexy.

Start by moving your lips and nose close to their skin. Purse your lips for a kiss. Right when you make contact with skin, inhale and gently press your lips and nose into the skin, moving your head back and forth a little bit to rub your face around a tiny bit. Give little Sweetheart Kisses as you nuzzle.

The Drunk Kiss
Sometimes confused for a Romantic Kiss, the Drunk Kiss happens more times then we want it to. It tastes like booze, makes you dizzy if you’re the drunk, and often leaves you with a sense of confusion and regret the next day (along with a pounding headache, which is hopefully the only other physical residue you have to contend with).

Drunk Kisses are sloppy, drooly and unattractive to passers-by, yet for some reason you always think you look really glamorous and hot. It really looks like two pink slugs wrestling in slow motion during a waterfall. And if you can’t remember it the next day, be certain that everyone else will.

Gladiator Kiss
This kiss is all him-Tarzan, you-Jane, and if you don’t mind being moved around like a diminutive doll, at its best it can be a pretty fun ride. Having a guy take you, kiss you hard and like he really means it, is really hot, especially if he’s pulling you close and the kiss takes you by surprise—sometimes this is an instant turn-on.

A Great Kiss

At worst, you’ll feel like you were being mauled by Bubba tryin’ to show the “little lady how a man kisses.” You are the conquest, and sure it’s all-romantic in his eyes, but you might feel like a tenderized steak when he’s done molesting your lips.

Mad Mack Attack
It’s a stealth kiss… where you sneak up on your kissing target and—Smooch! Can be done on total strangers that you find really hot (avoid armed public servants and guys with bodybuilder girlfriends), or your sweetie when you want to give them a naughty surprise. After, you may choose to pretend that nothing happened, keep walking to the snack table, or stick around for their bewildered reaction.

French Kissing
The most famous kiss in the world is a full, open-mouthed kiss using tongue and lips together in perfect
harmony—hopefully. You do not need to be French to deliver an excellent French Kiss. (And as of this
writing, there is no such thing as a Freedom Kiss.)the french kiss

The kiss begins with the meeting of slightly parted lips, then the lips part, and out comes the tongues for a little parlez-vous. A side effect of French Kissing is that both parties will have an increased amount of oral lubrication (read: drool), which is a turn-on for some, and a grossout for many others.

Some kissers can French for seemingly hours, and find it a wonderful pastime. French Kissing can get pretty wet, so if slippery kisses don’t float your boat, then alternate French Kisses with smooches on the neck, ears and other kissable body parts.

French Kissing is also not limited to the mouth, and some people find fun in Frenching their lover’s ears, genitals and nose! One of the great things about French Kisses is that there is a great deal of creative freedom here; you can improvise, try out new techniques or use a variety of techniques to craft your own French Kiss style. There are no rules for this kiss, other than that you enjoy it!

  • When French Kissing you can:
  • Run your tongue around the teeth and gums
  • Play with the tongue, taste it, push it around, caress it
  • Nip at the teeth and tongue with your lips
  • Kiss deeply with your tongue
  • Suck on the tongue
  • Dart your tongue in and out, slowly or rapidly
  • Suck gently with your mouth

Pull away slightly mid-kiss, and go in for more

Angel Kisses.
So light they almost tickle, these kisses are not done with your mouth, but rather with your eyelashes.
Angel Kisses consist of fluttering your eyelash against a sensitive (and sexy) body part to deliver a feathery tickle. Popular Angel Kiss spots include his cheek, lips, eyelids, ears, neck, nipples and genitals.

Eskimo Kisses.
A playful favorite for many lovers, these kisses are done with the nose instead of the mouth. Typically an Eskimo Kiss is when you both rub noses—see The Nuzzle to get ideas for techniques on other parts of the body.

Snuggle Bunny Kisses.
So romantic, so cute—this is the ultimate in intimate, loving kisses.
You don’t need to be in love to share Snuggle Bunnies; these nuzzles, pecks and smooches of all kinds are
shared when you’re laying down all wrapped around each other in a tender, quiet moment.

These signify extreme affection for one another, and are perfect before and after sex, in front of a fire or TV, or even on a picnic blanket in a public place.