11 Tips For Better Kissing

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Everyone would (or should) desire to be better at kissing. Remember, better kissing does not at all mean it is all in the lips. Quite the contrary, the best kisses incorporate; body language, use of hands, breathing techniques and some choice words (now and then).  Let’s review some important tips for better kissing;

tips for better kissing
Kissing Tips To Get From Dud To BANG


Tips For Better Kissing

Tips For Better Kissing:

  • A kiss has to start out slow, and very soft. Your rhythm will set the tone for the level of passion in the kiss.
  • Start by letting each others’ lips touch… very softly and gently, almost to a point where you can’t really tell whether you’ve started to kiss or not. Very slowly, increase the intensity, using light strokes and gentle nibbles.Don’t immediately introduce the tongue into the kiss.
  • Another great way to start is by softly and slowly circling the outside of the other person’s lips with your tongue, or the tip of your finger. And then start the actual kiss.
  • When your tongues do finally touch, it’s still done softly and erotically. Let your tongue play with the other person’s tongue. See “How To French Kiss“.
  • Men can gently suck and tug on the woman’s lower lip while kissing.
  • Rotate between her upper and lower lip. Soft and light individualized kisses of her lips van be very stimulating.
    Enjoy the kissing. Be in the moment and don’t worry about what’s coming next.
  • Give each other a chance to kiss back too. And enjoy how that feels. Take turns leading while the other receives. Then let the other person lead while you receive.
  • A good tip for men is to hold her face with your palms lightly, when you first kiss her. Women love that. It’s warm, romantic, and sexy all at the same time.
  • Men can also lift her up by the waist occasionally during the kiss. This makes her feel slim, and sexy, and very feminine.
  • Use your fingertips to slowly trace each other’s faces and neck. Many find this very romantic, erotic and sensual.
  • Spend at least 30 seconds kissing on the lips before moving to the ears or neck. And then, be sure to come back to the lips again. Remember . . . mix it up – be a little unpredictable.


Still looking for further tips for better kissing? Read my article “Where Do Women Like To Be Kissed“.

Happy Kissing!


Photo By Zach Den Adel  – https://www.flickr.com/photos/zdenadel/4330256269