The First Kiss – The All Important Kiss

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The First Kiss

Importance Of The First Kiss

Ask most people and they remember the first kiss in all its detail; the location, the way it felt, how it made them feel and how their partner tasted.

The first kiss marks a major event and turning point in most people’s lives. It will be the first time that they have felt physical and emotional attraction towards another person.

Many men and woman fantasize about that perfect first kiss. Woman in particular, reads so much into  the first kiss  and the outcome could be the deciding factor of whether she will make a connection to you, or perhaps that you will just become “friends”.

The first date good-night kiss at the door may be what determines whether or not you dream of each other until the next meeting. Your delivery, style and rhythm will demonstrate many emotions; love, passion, desire, affection and domination.

Discover the Secrets to an Unforgettable First Kiss

the first kiss

The secret to giving her an unforgettable first kiss much more than just the simple mechanics of kissing.

The build up to the kiss including; eye contact, touching, conversation and intimacy is the secret in the setup. And without the  proper setup, the first kiss can come off as just mechanical in nature.

So how do you get her primed and ready for the first kiss?

Make the First Kiss a Whole Experience

Keep in mind the following criteria for the first kiss and it will make the entire experience more memorable.

It may be difficult at first – and it will take some work – but all the hard work and extra effort will definitely pay off when you give her a kiss that is so powerful and amazing, she’ll be the one attacking your lips for her second helping.

Remember the 5-C’s

Close To Her – Assuming that she has passed all the compliance tests and you are actually within proximity.

If possible bring her in close to you or sit close next to her. The idea is to be close enough to her that all you and her have to do is lean in just a bit, and with a slight turn of your head, you are able to make lip contact comfortably. So get close to her so that you can be within kissing proximity.

Comfort with Getting Close to Her

After you have gotten close to her, give her some time to get used to getting that close to you again. You should have already gotten her pretty comfortable with your closeness from the previous compliance tests. Getting close to her and giving her some time to adjust to how intimate you are getting with her will allow her body to adjust to your proximity.

Calibrate When to Do The First Kiss

Calibration is the step that is important to finding out the exact moment that her sexual tension is at its peak. At this point, you will be able make good use of the attraction compliance tests to gauge her kissabilty level. I came up with a system that you can use to escalate the situation from the moment you pull her into you to kissing her. Notice that with every step of the escalation, you can sense her sexual tension building and building as you slowly progress.

Commit to the First Kiss

At this point, when you have completed all your compliance testing and all the indicators have given you actual data that she is ready to be kissed; now it’s time for you to commit.

Go head first with no hesitation and no plans of backing out. By means of example, take a baseball player who’s swinging at a fast ball; if he doubts or hesitates for just one second, he will ruin his chance for a home run hit. So once her indicators are there, fully commit yourself and move in with confidence and purpose.
How Will I Know She Is Ready?

1. Her pupils dilate
2. She touches her hair (the more the better!)
3. She keeps licking her lips
4. She keeps looking at your mouth
5. She leans in, even just a slight amount
6. She closes her eyes a little bit

Contact of the Lips

Contact is the point where your lips touch hers. This is where all your hard work and effort in the setup for the kiss finally pays off. When your lips make contact, be sure that you savor the sweetness of your hard work and take your time to enjoy the experience. Don’t rush in and ruin the moment for both of you.

There should be nothing on your mind other than enjoying the first kiss. From how her lips feels, how sweet she smells, to the sound of her breathing. Focus on this magical experience and she will do the same.

Remember – Keep Calm – Its All Rhythm – Smoothly And Slowly! The First Kiss will be one to remember!

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