Spice Up Kissing

Variations To Spice Up Kissing:

Has your kissing become routine? Is there a lack of spark or fire? Have you entered the “Dead Zone”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are not alone. In fact you are probably in the majority of similar relationships. We have all been there, including me and my partner. Today, many many years into our relationship, our passion with kissing is hitting new levels all the time. It has become evident that there simply is No Limit to variations, sensations and passions created by hot kissing.

Kissing is not always a prelude to sex, but a demonstration of passion and infinite levels of intimacy. I am sure anyone can remember their first kiss to the finest detail; location, time, emotions etc… This first kiss can be a daily practice in any relationship – the KISS is a very POWERFUL tool at your disposal.

Simple Tips To Spice Up Kissing

why is kissing so important
Good Enough ReasonS For Many

The best place to start is that good morning kiss – usually quick as the breathe is not too favorable in the early hours, but none-the-less a very important kiss.

Have you ever tried the eyes open routine? A majority have not and although it might seem awkward at first it can be incredibly hot to make eye contact while you kiss. It allows you to read the emotions and feelings of your partner. Experiment to see what feels comfortable for you.

Guys often forget the importance of hands during the kiss. I would go further to say that the use of the hands is CRITICAL for a passionate and meaningful kiss. While your mouths are busy, other parts of you should be active as well. Stroke each other’s back, hair and cheeks. 

Many woman especially respond to caresses on the neck. Remember to touch very lightly with your fingers.

Holding the back of the head firmly with one hand while running your fingers through her hair. It’s a little bit of a dominating thing. It’s very sexual and intimate for a woman. Similarly, grasping both of her hands and holding them over her head is a knockout move.

Just a simple grazing of the lips works miracles. It will not matter what mood either partner are in, about 15 seconds of this routine and off to the races!

You don’t only have to kiss her mouth. Go from her mouth to her ears, to her neck, nibble her neck, and come back to kissing her. Bite her if she’s into it. Many are.

spice-up-kissingGuys must first create the emotional connection in order necessary to turn her emotional sparks into a roaring flame. Don’t throw too mu
ch fuel on the fire to fast. The result…
All progress stops and the fire goes out! Have you ever tried to fan a small flame in order to make it grow and accidently blew it out? In your effort to feed it more oxygen you actually gave it too much fuel too fast and poof! Out goes the flame!

 Fingers are a very erotic part of the bod., and using them in different ways and in different places can deliver great results. Experiment with light tapping, stroking up and down, or in a circle.

Using one finger or several fingers will provide different sensations, as will gently pinching and rolling a. small bit of flesh between your thumb and forefinger.

Spice Up Kissing Fun

The Lost Kiss
Look around your partner, looking under things and appearing like you’re searching for something. When asked what you’re looking for, say “I’ve been looking for a kiss all day but I can’t find one anywhere. Oh wait, I found it.” Then give your partner a kiss.

Make Up Kisses
At the end of the day, sit down with your partner and ask them how his/her day went. Silently keep track of all the bad things that happened during the day. When he/she is finished, give them a kiss for each one. When asked what you are doing, say you are helping make up for all those bad things.

Red Light Kiss
When in the car with your partner, every time you stop at a red light, lean over and kiss them until the light goes green.

Trying Not To Kiss
Say to her, “I’m trying so hard not to kiss you right now.” This is a statement of interest. See how she responds, if she doesn’t say anything negative then go for the kiss. If she says “I’m not stopping you” or “oh really” those aren’t negatives, go for it.

Kissing Her Face
Kissing a woman’s face other than on her lips is pure magic. It’s a very sweet, tender, romantic type of stimulation that generates tremendous sexual and romantic response potential. Use very light caresses with your lips. Kiss around her lips, her eyelids, her forehead (especially between her eyebrows) and her cheekbones The secret to kissing a woman’s face is to use a soft, light, almost teasing sort of pressure and to go very slowly!

The Tractor Beam
This kiss is awesome. I only kept it this late in the list because it is really hard to explain without a visual. This is the kiss that I teach all my guys on personal lessons. I have demonstrated it at workshops for other companies and it even worked on my good friend Mr M. And if you have read my blog from last summer, you know he does not wanna kiss guys! You are talking to her and you just stare into her eyes. Lock on eye contact. Imagine the whole world is going into slow motion. As you think this she will feel the energy. Place your right hand on her left shoulder and say “wow” softly as you slowly lean in. She won’t be able to resist this powerful energy. It’s so intense that she will be drawn in like a little spaceship to a big spaceship. Haha. I know that’s a terrible explanation but I bet you can create your own visual.

Throbbing Kiss
When a girl, setting aside her bashfulness a little, wishes to touch the lip that is pressed into her mouth, and with that object moves her lower lip, but not the upper one. Focus on your honey’s lower lip. Give all pleasure to that part of their mouth only. Don’t be shy about it!

Touching Kiss
When a girl touches her lover’s lip with her tongue, and having shut her eyes, places her hands on those of her lover. When you come in to kiss your lovebug, gently sweep your tongue across his lips. And hold his hands. This is a very loving kiss.

Clasping Kiss
When one of them takes both the lips of the other between his or her own. During a deep, silky, sensual kiss, envelop your guy’s lips with yours. This is super-duper intense kissing!

Happy Kissing!

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