Kissing FAQ’s

Kissing Questions And Answers

Should you kiss with your eyes open or closed?

Most people keep their eyes closed, it can be an awkward moment of you both open yours eyes at the same time. Depends on your level of intimacy.

How should I move my hands while  kissing?

Move your hands all over her back, rubbing her back SMOOTHLY

How long should a French kiss last?

1-3 minutes, until she passes out, there really is no answer, its all comfort and pleasure level that decides.

What is an exciting kiss?

The androgynous kiss.Both of you pretend to be the opposite sex, the kissing will totally different.

What to do with the rest of your body?

All kinds of actions to elevate the moment. Hold or stroke your partner’s back, run your fingers through their hair or hold the back of their head.

What is the easiest way to be a good kisser?


How long should the first kiss be?

Short, a few seconds and maintain respect!

Best tip for first kiss?

No fear (its just a kiss), model her style.

How will I know she wants to be kissed?

Stroke her hair, if they are fine with that then kissing is highly likely on the agenda – (most of the time).

What if she mover her head away?

Don’t apologize! Say something like, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. Perhaps I should go” Respect!

When should I french kiss?

As a general rule, hold off on the tongue initially. Most woman like to take kissing slowly.

What can go wrong during a French kiss?

The gag reflex when something touches the back of your tongue. Darting your tongue in and out like a yoyo. Sticking your tongue to far in.

How do I get boys to stop French kissing me?

Bite their tongue.

What is the very worst thing with kissing?

Bad breathe – ALWAYS have mints ready, so many guys are oblivious to this, it’s a no-brainer!

Whats the biggest mistake guys make with the first kiss?

Besides the bad breath, playing games to trick her into kissing them.

What if she won’t stop talking?

Tell her, “You know, I just noticed something really interesting about you,” this is a great way to get her to stop talking and switch the to you.