Kissing Etiquette

kissing-etiquetteSome Must Have Kissing Etiquette Basics

Kissing is certainly one of our greatest pleasures to be shared by two. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good kisser or even has a perfect kissing partner. Kissers are not created equal, but with some simple kissing etiquette and strategies, anyone can become a great kisser.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few kissers making simple elementary mistakes – it makes one wish that there was a users manual to issue each pair of lips. Kissing politeness and etiquette is of utmost importance for a successful and delicious kiss.

In this manual , one would learn that kissing isn’t a suck face situation. There are no points for maximum tongue penetration and the amount of saliva one can create.

You have heard the phrase “it takes two to tango” –  kissing is done together, rather than to or at someone. Remember, its How Two Kiss and not How To Kiss.

Kissing etiquette is a mandatory skill to be learned –  there are a few things to know that  can keep you and those you love, kiss happy and always ready to be kissed. Know a bad kissed? Direct them this way and lets see how they benefit from a few good tips and advice.

Fresh breath, clean teeth and nice moisturized lips can make you a delight to kiss. Never settle for anything less.

Kissing Etiquette – 10 Point Checklist

It’s okay to pull away and take a break from kissing without saying anything. It’s okay for someone to want to stop completely and offer no explanation. You can talk about it later.

  • Don’t expect a kiss in return for anything. Kisses are not gifts.
  • Cradling the head and face feels wonderful. I am a huge fan of smooth rhythmic use of hands (in the right places).
  • Kissing is not the OK to take things to the next level – besides, if your kissing sucks there is no need to embarrass yourself at the next level as well.
  • Licking your lips too frequently before a kiss can be a concern to your partner.
  • Never approach a kiss with an open mouth, or an extended tongue.
  • Breathe mints and more breathe mints and more breathe mints…. get the idea?
  • Never open your mouth wider than your kissing partner’s lips. There is no need to display your tonsils.
  • Eye contact immediately increases the intimacy level of any kiss, say experts—so if you’re kissing with the eyes shut tight, you could be missing out! This has to be experimented with as some find it creepy to open their eyes during a kiss and see you with the eyes open as well.
  • Darting the tongue can be annoying. Bets read my How To French Kiss article.
  • Not everyone is going to like what you like, be open to all kissing styles. You may love to have your sensitive ears licked and breathed on, but she might hate it with a passion. Be open to all kissing styles.
  • Whenever you’re in doubt about how things are for your partner it is a good time to ask.

There you have it, some basic Kissing Etiquette tips. For general kissing tips read my post How To Kiss.