The Kissing Commandments

It is common practice to spin the original ten commandments into an analogy for many various topics.

So….. Here we go with the Kissing Commandments.

Kissing Commandments For Kissing Those Lips
Kissing Commandments For Kissing Those Lips

1. Get Mellow —All good kisses are more than simply knowing what to do with your lips and tongue. The best ones come from having a relaxed mind and free from stress.

“Free your mind” and only have your focus only on that moment. Don’t however, over-think the process.

2. Floss and Gloss—The mouth and lips are special and need to be treated that way. There is nothing better than kissing soft and tender lips with a super fresh mouth to boot. You will be IRRESISTIBLY KISSABLE. Not a bad place to  be!!

3. That Special Place—Kissing is pretty much good anytime and anywhere. The best kissing marathons will be in a place of comfort and peace. Get wrapped up in each other with snuggling, light chat, a little humor and perhaps a little wine. It’s all about creating the moment, make them all special.

4. Get Lip to Lip—A golden rule – less is more. Always start with light lip contact. Kiss their lips
gently. Don’t get caught up in a monotonous kiss, incorporate variation in your technique, stroke their lips with yours. Alternate kissing the corner of their mouth, nose and cheeks. Then come back to their lips. Rest on the lips a little longer this time. Part your lips. If you are both in the moment then any of these simple, yet subtle, changes will be sure to increase the passion.REMEMBER THE HANDS! Do this while stroking the back of their neck. Or running your fingers through their hair. Or touching their cheek.

5. Turn up the Heat—Once you feel the chemistry is bubbling it might be time to turn up the heat. The “Heat” does not mean movie style, it means more variety more often. Introduce more tongue with variety – there is much one can do with the tongue; brush the inside of their mouth , suck on their tongue, roll you tongue around their lips.

Remember to take a breather when necessary and look intently into their eyes. Continue stroking and caressing in nice places. Enjoy the passion you inspire in one another

6. Watch the Mouth & Saliva: The mouth has an amazing ability to open and close. It can expand as big
as your fist, or be sealed shut. So be mindful of how wide or narrow you go.

Anyone getting a good dose of someones saliva can be a quick turn off. Unfortunately, kissing has a knack for creating a lot of this. Make sure you swallow from time to time.

7. Hold Steady—Avoid bobbing your head from side to side, or back and forth. All your head movements should be subtle and with smooth rhythm. You could end up with an embarrassing teeth crunch, or worse. Remember, kissing shouldn’t be painful.

8. Loosey Goosy: Kissing a stiff plank is not pleasant. While you don’t want to wobble and contort your body in various positions – maintaining your  poise and charm is required. Always be soft and gentle. Move slowly at all times.

Remember to have fun and use these Kissing Commandments. Kissing is more about the energy and connection than the technique. Maintaining confidence and being at ease will create kisses that will make you irresistible.