Is She Ready For A Kiss

Is She Ready For A Kiss? I think the more relevant question is – “Are You Ready For A Kiss?”.

If she is ready for a kiss the signals (body language) that she will give are easy to distinguish.

is she ready for a kiss
First Kisses Are Like Gold!

Let’s look at a seven clear signs that she is ready to kiss. Then let’s touch base on why you think you might be ready for a kiss.

7 Tips – Is She Ready For A Kiss?

1. She touches and/or strokes her hair , the more the better. This is one of the most common  signals to watch for. It is not uncommon for her to be smiling and appearing a little nervous.

2. She keeps licking her lips. An obvious message of interest to be aware of. You should also be doing the same as a similar gesture to show your interest in kissing her.

3. She keeps looking at your mouth, keep looking at hers also, but no staring!

4. She leans in toward you and even just a slight amount. Don’t match her move here and let the anticipation build. If she is not doing this then go ahead and try this yourself. Carefully examine her reaction. There are only three possible outcomes; she does nothing – a neutral reaction is a difficult one to assess, she pulls slightly away indicating clearly she is not ready for a kiss, she matches you and leans in as well – just go for it!

5. Language of the eyes – she closes her eyes a little bit. Direct and prolonged eye contact is a strong signal of interest.  Don’t always interpret  her turning away as lack on interest. Many shy girls may turn her body in the other direction while sending flirty glances your way. Eye contact can be tricky because we often look away due to shyness or lack of confidence. 

6. If you’re having a pleasant conversation and talking about deeper topics.

not ready for a kiss
Not Quite Ready For The Kiss!

7. Flushing and blushing in the cheeks.

Those are seven common compliance tests that you need to be aware of. Obviously, if you are waiting for all seven it will prove to be a very long and stressful evening. Just one of these compliance tests could mean she is ready for that kiss.

Are You Ready For That Kiss?

You know what to do with your hands?

The hands play a critical part in any kiss. Proper and timely use of your hands will result in more passionate kissing. Make her comfortable with you and your touch. Not too much touching in the early part of a relationship. Gently stroking her back, shoulders and back of her head is ideal.

You are going to model her kiss?

The most critical part of kissing. One can never over emphasize the importance of modelling her kiss. She will kiss you exactly as she wants to be kissed. Whatever she does – FOLLOW!

Make Your Move

Is she ready for a kiss? As you slowly move toward her, she should close her eyes, smile, or move her face towards you. Only go in 90% and allow her to meet you the remaining 10%.This is important as it will effectively have her “choosing” to kiss you.

Move in ever so slowly. There are two reasons for this (1) no surprises – you want to make a clear statement that she is about to be kissed and (2), it gives her enough time to decide if she’s ready. This also gives you more time to clearly judge her reactions!

Going in for a kiss when she isn’t quite ready can possibly jeopardize the romance process. And if that happens, then all the hard work you’ve put in thus far is all for nothing.

Don’t force anything; take a few steps back and establish more trust with her.Talk a bit, have fun together and let her loosen up more. Could it be for another night? Absolutely – never rush that kiss.

Is she ready for a kiss? Are you ready for that kiss. Read further on How To Kiss and make that moment special.




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