Importance Of Kissing In A Relationship

Kissing Is A Fundamental Precept In All Relationships!

What you do EVERY DAY matters more than what you do ONCE IN A WHILE,

If you are in a Good Relationship then you are most certainly experiencing Good Kissing. A healthy and intimate relationship simply cannot survive without a regular dose of kissing.

Kissing is not a quick fix that will lead to any kind of authentic and long-lasting depth in a marriage. It will however be a very effective device to promote and encourage intimacy. Kissing is very important.

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Kiss At Every Chance You Get!

Do you remember that first kiss with your lover? If you answered yes, then clearly there is something still inside if you that recognizes the importance of kissing in a relationship. In fact, most people will even describe the circumstances of this moment in great detail.

Some will think it is pure folly to Kiss At Every Chance You Get. Of course that does not mean literally, how about these simple ideas as examples;

A 5 second kiss when you leave for work and similar when you get home.

A quick kiss in the kitchen.

At random, hold her up against a wall, your hands holding her hands over her head (dominance) followed by a passionate kiss. Guys, do you think that might get her attention, you may well be very surprised at the outcome.

A 5 second kiss goodnight.

A 15 second kiss at random. That may seem like a lengthy kiss (it is), but here is a fact; you will come out of this kiss with a new attitude of affection and intimacy – it is inevitable. Try It!


importance of kissing in a relationship


Lets look at two facts that support the importance of kissing in a relationship’

[pullquote]94% of women believe that kissing their partner is important to the overall strength of a relationship[/pullquote]

(1) It is a well known supported fact that kissing is much more important to a woman. Men should be constantly reminding themselves how important kissing is to their wives.

The  pleasure and joy she experiences from kissing is not understood by many men! For women, a kiss is equal to a commitment and upon being kissed a woman feels the promise again and again by her partner.

(2) Couples that kiss more frequently tend to be more satisfied with their relationships. Compare this to couples who have sex more often and are not necessarily any happier.

[pullquote]It appears that there is something unique about kissing that is related to relationship satisfaction in a way that sexual intercourse is not.[/pullquote]

Men who respect the feelings of their women partner and acknowledge these feelings with romance, love and a passionate kiss work towards a beautiful relationship altogether.

I would encourage the women reading this to have their partners read this article – Why Men Should Kiss Their Wives More Often.

A healthy relationship must have regular, spontaneous and surprise kissing habits.

Surprise each other with kisses on the fly. Even give a sleeping spouse a kiss when you leave or come home at odd hours. Every time you kiss, you will be showing the other person how special he or she is to you.

Kissing after 50
Whatever your age – kissing is so important to the relationship!

Kissing will also help reaffirm your attachment to them.

Besides it is so damn healthy…

We all have our stress due to various reasons. One of the reasons why kissing is important in a relationship is because it acts as a stress buster. All you need to do is hold the love of your life in your arms and passionately kiss him/her to take away all your stress.

Here is a challenge;  the next time you come home from work in a state of stress, try that 15 second kiss, I guarantee that your blood pressure will be elevated for healthy and not destructive reasons. Try It!

Where do you fall into on that Kissing Destinations diagram? Is there a familiar stage or cycle you are in? Only you and your partners efforts can reverse the cycle. Oddly, it it not hard at all. Simply take the challenge for the next few days to spontaneously engage in some major kissing strategies. You will be shocked at the outcome and it will leave you wondering why you succumbed to these familiar kissing destinations.

Remembering and incorporating the importance of kissing in a relationship will bring many special moments and demonstrate just how special your partner is to you. Nothing is better than deep, passionate, and intimate kissing.

Happy Kissing!




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