How To Kiss For The First Time

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The First Kiss

[pullquote]”I kissed my first girl and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. I haven’t had time for tobacco since.” – Arturo Toscanini[/pullquote]

Are you struggling to try to figure out how to kiss for the first time. Everyone has been in this position – some more than once unfortunately.

Knowing how to kiss for the first time is a critical moment that you do not want to be a flop. Girl’s can judge you very harshly if that first kiss does not make an impression. It could determine it she will want to see you again or you enter that dreadful “Just The Friends Zone“.

It’s just a kiss!

Kissing a girl is not a big deal, right? Unfortunately many guys make kissing seem like a big deal and end stressed out and bent all out of shape. This should not be the case. In this article let’s look at some simple do’s and don’t’s . tips and techniques that will make sure your first kiss is an unforgettable kiss. Also guys, more often than not your girl is just as worried and nervous/excited about the first kiss as you are!

How To Kiss For The First Time

A Few Do’s….

The first kiss is simple, gently and has rhythm. It can be as short as a few seconds; in fact it should be pretty darn short…. Here are a few important Do’s for that first kiss;

  • Do smile a lot, even while kissing.
  • Do keep your lips soft.
  • Do keep eye contact just before the kiss.
  • Do make sure you have nice breath.
  • Do pay attention to where your nose is going and avoid a collision.
  • Do start slow with very light pressure on the lips.
  • Do remember to come up for air.
  • Do begin with very small movements of lips, head, body and hands.
  • If you make the first move, do be the one to pull back after the first kiss.
  • Do keep your tongue in your mouth. The first kiss should not be a French kiss unless she leads you down that path.
  • Do linger for a moment after the kiss – tell her “that was nice”.
  • Do simply ASK if the stress has simply overcome you – besides, asking is a sign of respect.

[pullquote]The most eloquent silence; that of two mouths meeting in a kiss. – unknown[/pullquote]

A Few Dont’s….

  • Don’t approach the kiss with your mouth open.
  • Don’t perform a surprise kiss – in and out so fast she does not have time to react.
  • Don’t jam your tongue in their mouth.
  • Don’t slobber!
  • Don’t make any yummy noises—yet.
  • Don’t make overly loud kissing or “smacking” noises.
  • Don’t let your hands wander – hand use is very important but keep it to a minimum for the first kiss.
  • Don’t rush— be slow, smooth and relish this moment, even if you’re nervous.
  • Don’t worry about what you look like.
  • Don’t attempt this kiss if you’re not feeling well.
  • Don’t finish the kiss abruptly, even if you don’t like it.

 Important Note……

After you pull back from the first kiss of the date (it will always be you that pulls back from kisses first), wait at least 10 minutes before you go back in again. The idea here is to demonstrate that kissing is not a big deal (even though it’s HUGE). Try to resume the conversation like nothing major has happened.

Should you decide to go for another kiss the best time will be when another natural silence in the conversation takes place. If you are up for a little teasing and pushing your boundaries a little, throw in a couple of fakes – appear to go in for the kiss and pull back and to continue the conversation.

 How To Kiss For The First Time Techniques

1. Make eye contact and let the tension build – not stress TENSION!.

2. Go in 90% of the way, let her come in the last 10% – this is a useful strategy that will quickly let you know is she is ready for that first kiss.

3. Keep your eyes closed, keeping them open could get you a weird look. Mind you, open eyes as a later advanced strategy can really add to the intimacy. For now, keep them closed.

4. When parting your lips don’t open your mouth too wide, just part them as if you were going to take a drink from a cup. No oral examinations at this point int time.

3. Mirror her kissing technique / style – very important for that first time kiss. If you have concerns then the best option is to simply follow her style or technique.

4. Start off slowly and gently at first, little to no tongue action (let her be the first to use tongue).

5. When your lips touch your upper lip is nuzzled between your first time kiss lip position
partner’s lips and your lower lip is just below their lower lip.
(see diagram to right)

6. The very intimate kiss. Just barely brush her lips and then pull back. Cup her face with both of your hands or even just gently lift her chin up for added effect.

7. Or the normal kiss, but only for 5 seconds then pull back as if nothing has happened. Keep talking for a few minutes in a relaxed manner. Whisper to her “That was really nice”.

8. Be the first to pullback and stop kissing – this shows her that you think kissing is not a biggie and that you have confidence.

Remember Lastly – Smile – Be Smooth – Show Rhythm!
Use some, or all of these tips and strategies and hopefully remove the stress of how to kiss for the first time!

Happy Kissing!

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