How To French Kiss

Learn How To French Kiss

The French kiss is called a “juncture of souls” in France

The French Kiss

I’m sure you are already familiar with the famous French kissing technique. Let’s review how to French kiss including; common mistakes and add a few variations/techniques that will be sure to enhance this classic kissing style.

how to french kiss
Adding The Tongue Will Take Your Kissing To New Levels If Done Correctly

If you have not attempted the French Kiss then this is definitely a must read for you. The French Kiss can be the most erotic kiss when done properly. If done poorly there is potential for embarrassment and a big turn off. Bad experiences may include smacking your teeth, bloody or swollen lips, biting your tongue (or hers) to gagging or being gagged by your partner.

Stating the obvious – the French Kiss is an open mouthed kiss whereby both partners massage one another’s tongue. It is the most erotic kiss when done properly. First of all when French kissing a woman all of the normal kissing tips and guidelines for how to kiss still apply.

 Golden Rules For French Kissing

(1)  Less is More!

(2)  Model her kiss – as with any kiss!

(3)  The object is not to stick your tongue as far into your partners mouth as possible.

(4)  Do not display a gaping oral cavity as a prelude to the kiss.

french kissing is fun
The Penultimate Kiss!

(5)  Your tongue is a simulator and not a probe.

(6)  Never lead immediately with a French kiss

(7)  The first kiss should not be a French kiss – unless she initiates it.

(8)  Approach ever so gently – as with any kiss!

(9)  The best French kisses take place in the front of the mouth


 How To French Kiss

Open your mouth only as wide as you would when you normally kiss your partner. Many guys fall into the habit of displaying a gaping oral cavity as an invitation to French Kiss. The plan is not to immediately start with the tongue, but gradually build up with normal kissing techniques, and slowly work into the French Kiss.

If you are not sure if she is ready, you need to do the invite – trace her upper lip (gently) with your tongue and then insert your tongue only onto her front teeth. If it’s a go her tongue will come forward to meet yours. If it does not, don’t worry, many women like to take kissing slowly. The tongue can be considered  a bit intrusive, yet very intimate. Continue to wait for her to initiate – don’t be in a rush and KEEP MODELLING HER KISS!

Once you have taken exploring each other’s mouths, let her take the lead once in a while. Allow her tongue to set the tone, follow it where it goes. Don’t make the kiss last too long – always keep incorporating a change-up strategy – French kissing, smooth tracing lips on lips, regular light kisses, back to french kissing and love bites on lips.

 Enhanced French Kiss Tips

(1)   Remember the top of her tongue (and yours)  is the most sensitive.

(2)   Very lightly suck on her tongue, gauge how she is responding.

(3)   Feel the inside of her lips with your tongue.

(4)   Deep penetration for short periods, but smoothly so far as she is comfortable.

(5)   Massage their tongue with yours slowly in and out.

(6)   Trace her lower and upper teeth with your tongue.

(7)   Best technique is light touching with the tips of the tongues in the front of your partner’s mouths

(8)   Rotate tongues in a circular motion.

Ending The French Kiss

This is important – the idea here is to not end the French kissing too suddenly. Start slowing gradually, no tongue at all and finally reverting to normal kissing and caressing of lips on lips.

Hands while French kissing

 Multitasking is very important with any kiss. Your hands will always play a very critical part with any kiss and should be slowly active with rhythm all the time. Move your hands all over her back, rubbing her back, up to her head and touching her hair. Cupping her cheeks with both hands is very stimulating for her. It demonstrates dominance and a sense of security.

Once you and your partner are comfortable, experiment with different styles and techniques. French kissing is wide open to endless possibilities.

I sincerely hope this has helped you and answered some questions you may have had for How To French Kiss.

Happy French Kissing!

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