8 Tips – How to French Kiss A Girl For The First Time

The French kiss is called a “juncture of souls” 

The First Time French Kiss

I’m sure you are already familiar with the famous French kissing technique. Let’s review how to French kiss a girl for the first time. Although normal kissing should never be under-estimated, good make out sessions almost always lead into a French kiss.

Once you are an experienced kisser the lack of French Kissing can seem quite out of the ordinary. Keep in mind that as always “the change-up rule applies” – never get stuck on one kiss for too long.

how to french kiss for the first time

Tip # 1.

Never go for the French kiss on the first kiss unless she initiates it. The French kiss is a very intimate and can be considered somewhat an invasive type of kiss. This depends on your partner and how comfortable she feels with you. If the setting is right and the comfort level is awesome then it will be time to go for the French kiss.

Tip # 2.

Model her kiss – as with any kiss! Girls will always kiss you the way they want to be kissed. So, if you model her kiss you will be giving her exactly what she wants. This rule should also be applied traditional kissing.

Tip # 3.

Less is More! – not too much tongue! Use the tongue as a simulator and not as a probing device. Remember, you are using the tongue as en enhancement to the kiss; don’t ruin the experience by dominating with your tongue. In fact, the first french kiss should be so amazing, she forgot you even used your tongue.

Tip # 4.

Never lead immediately with a French kiss. So don’t approach displaying a huge oral cavity. Approach this kiss as you would a traditional kiss. 

Tip # 5.

The first kiss should not be a French kiss – unless she initiates it. Some girls like French kissing so much that  this is all they do. Not a bad position to be in! In this case everything still goes back to golden rule of kissing! Kiss her the way she kisses you!

Tip # 6.

The best French kisses take place in the front of the mouth. The most sensitive area of the tongue is on top near the front. This should be your point of focus. 

Tip # 7.

There is a tendency for beginning French kissers to try and stick their tongues as far into their partner’s mouth as possible. The best French kisses take place in the front of the mouth. The most sensitive area of the tongue is on top near the front. This should be your point of focus.

Tip # 8.

Keep your mutual tongue massage to very light flicks at first until you feel comfortable with the way she kisses and vice versa.

First of all when French kissing a woman all of the normal kissing tips and guidelines for how to kiss still apply.

How To French Kiss a Girl For The First Time – Leading It Off

A subtle leading motion will involve tracing her upper lip (gently) with your tongue. If she is comfortable with that then insert your tongue only onto her front teeth. If it’s a go her tongue will come forward to meet yours. If it does not, don’t get stressed out. Many girls like to take kissing slowly and at a pace that they are comfortable with.

The tongue can be considered  a bit intrusive, yet very intimate. Wait for her to initiate  and don’t rush the French kiss – KEEP MODELLING HER KISS!

Once you have taken exploring each other’s mouths, let her take the lead once in a while. Allow her tongue to set the tone, follow it where it goes. Don’t make the kiss last too long – always keep incorporating a change-up strategy – French kissing, smooth tracing lips on lips, regular light kisses, back to french kissing and love bites on lips.

Ending The French Kiss

This is important – the idea here is to not end the French kissing too suddenly. Start slowing gradually, no tongue at all and finally reverting to normal kissing and caressing of lips on lips.

Hands while French kissing

Remember to use your hands during any kiss. Light stroking of her back is recommended for that first french kiss. As you become more comfortable, use of your hands will become mandatory to elevate the passion level.

Once you and your partner are comfortable, experiment with different styles and techniques. French kissing is wide open to endless possibilities.

I sincerely hope this has helped you and answered some questions you may have had for How To French Kiss a Girl For The First Time.

Happy French Kissing!

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