How To Be a Good Kisser

“Any man who can master the art of the kiss is more than halfway to greatness”

Learning how to be a good kisser is an absolute must for everyone – if you already have a well established relationship or getting close to starting a new one, Be Great At Kissing!.

Here are some interesting unsupported facts though;

Most men are bad kissers.

Most women think they are great kissers and she is going to kiss you in a way that she thinks you should be a good kisser. So in effect she will be judging  your kissing by how well you model her kiss. Even if she’s a lousy kisser match her style in the beginning. If you do something different she’ll think you’ are not a good kisser.

The art of how to be a good kisser is much more than the actual contact of lips. Your kiss has many parts all that have a dramatic effect on outcome of a kiss.

 Be A Good Kisser Tips

how to be a good kisser
Knowing Where To Kiss Is Key!

Incorporate touch into kissing her

Touch is very important during a kiss. Too many guys are so enthralled with the kiss and so stressed out that they do nothing with their hands.

Hold the back of her head while you are kissing her, or one hand firmly on the nape of her neck, this expresses dominance as well as making her feel protected.Caress her hair and massage her earlobes, circle her lower back, stroke her stomach and hold her closer to you.

Kiss and touch is the core and roots for everything in order to be a good kisser. Always be smooth and graceful with your lips and your hands.

Kiss her elsewhere, then go back to her lips

Small kisses between big kisses and kiss places other than their lips.

Explore kissing her cheek, or nibble on her earlobe a bit  Then come back and kiss her lips a little bit more , kiss the nape of her neck then back to her lips again.

Simply grazing each other’s lips is very intimate and pleasurable.

Be smooth and keep maintaining a change up strategy. This will have amazing results and is sure to get the heat up.


More On Holding And Hand Techniques

Holding the back of the head is very important as it, make her feel safe and you are in control – Dominance!

Once you’re kissing very passionately, reach for the roots of her hair at the back of her head and mingle with it very lightly.

Hold the face while caressing the hair, slide your hand down the back. This will enhance the kiss that much more.

Pull her in closer to you then put your hands on her hips and gently caress her sides & tummy with your thumbs.

Massage the small of her back with your palm.

Massage the back of her neck with the lower part of your palm and run your hands up & down her back.

Push her hands away from her body or above her head. Another great dominance demonstration.

Be sure to grab her hands, interlocking fingers together with a firm grip – a very intimate technique.

Cup her face with both your hands.


be a good kisser
That’s Right – Don’t Just Aim To Kiss Her


At this point you’re incorporating touch, so now touch her with your face, turn your head and nuzzle her head in yours while holding her close to you to create an intimate moment.

Start by moving your lips and nose close to their skin. Purse your lips for a kiss. Right when you make contact with skin, inhale and gently press your lips and nose into the skin, moving your head back and forth a little bit to rub your face around a tiny bit. Give little Sweetheart Kisses as you nuzzle.

Nuzzling can be done on any part of the body, such as the nape of the neck, between the shoulder blades, behind the ears, under the jaw, and so on. It’s simple but also very effective.

 Sometimes it feels expected, almost instinctive to add the tongue. For some it can be very difficult to keep it back as it does feel so natural.  However, natural for you may not be so natural for her.

When tongues touch they should start very slowly and pay special attention to technique – a wet tongue moving at break-neck speed is not the desired technique.

One of the great things about French Kisses is that you can be creative and improvise. The sky is really the limit when experimenting with French kissing. Try out new techniques or use a variety of techniques to craft your own French Kiss style.

REMEMBER – Model her kiss and be SMOOTH!!

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Be a Good Kisser and Happy Kissing!

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