10 Positive Signs – Does She Want Me To Kiss Her?

I am staring at her lips as she speaks!

I so want to kiss her but is the time right!

What will she do if I kiss her and she is not ready!

Will I get slapped?

Oh that deep fear of rejection my nemesis stop plaguing my thoughts with doubts!

But wait….. more talking.

IS it OK to interrupt her and kiss her?

Actually come to think of it I do need to say something!

Why is this so hard?

In many cases those statements (above) are probably not an exaggeration.

This is a question too many guys linger over to the point that it is causing mental anguish. Lets look at the most common things girls do that will answer “Does she want me to kiss her?”.

10 Things to watch for Does She Want Me To Kiss Her

does she want me to kiss her
Very True Guys!

1. Her pupils dilate

2. She touches and/or strokes her hair , the more the better.

3. She keeps licking her lips, you should be doing this as well – body language!

4. She keeps looking at your mouth, keep looking at hers also, but no staring!

5. She spreads her legs or arms, opening up her body language

6. She leans in, even just a slight amount. Don’t match her move here and let the anticipation build.

7. She closes her eyes a little bit

8. She wants to sit in the back row at the movies

9. She keeps looking at you during the movie and smiling

10. She looks down then up at you and smiles, smile back and keep the momentum building.

For some of you guys this is important – YOU DON”T NEED ALL TEN SIGNS! So please do not maintain a mental checklist, ticking off all the options to determine is she is ready. As little as two of these body language signals can be sufficient to go for that first kiss. All girls are different and will express their desires differently. You may check off items 1  through ten in 5 minutes, you may only check off items 1 and 5 in 2 hours!

 Does She Want Me To Kiss Her – Great Technique

Here is a method which has proven to be very successful at determining if she wants you to kiss her. It is called “the hair stroke test” and the best thing about this is – you are just being friendly! There should be no adverse reaction from this move.

Simply reach over, as if to stroke a piece of her hair from her eyes, it really does not matter if her hair is close to her eyes or not, and stroke the back in the direction of her ears. There are only three possible reactions to this – the good news is two of them are positive signals.

1. She pulls away – not a big deal and she is probably not ready to kiss you. Don’t sweat over it. Continue the conversation like nothing happened.

2. She holds still – a good sign that she is ready to kiss you. An added smile on her face will indicate full speed ahead.

3. She leans into your touch – the best signal that she is definitely ready to kiss you. How To Kiss For The First Time

fear of kissing

Lastly, this move requires some skill for maintaining composure. It is a very flirty technique that could arouse some emotions!

You pretend to be going in for the kiss but pull off to the side about 80%-90% of the way in. Whisper something in her ear, something appropriate and sweet!

Monitor her reaction. Obviously, if she attempts to meet that last 10% then she is ready. If she pulls away then she is very likely not ready.

Kissing is a big deal and not to be taken lightly. Too much is riding on how well this kiss comes off. Your chances at a second date or ending up in the dreaded “just friends zone” depend on how well you do.

Does she want me to kiss her? Use these tips and test to help you make that decision.

Happy Kissing!