Types Of Kisses

Taste Of What’s To Come Types Of Kisses Truly mischievous kissers of all genders know all about this kiss. This is the kiss that the female double agent gives James Bond so he doesn’t blow her cover, the kiss that says you’re as hot for him on the inside as you look hot the outside. Often […]

Kissing Etiquette

Some Must Have Kissing Etiquette Basics Kissing is certainly one of our greatest pleasures to be shared by two. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good kisser or even has a perfect kissing partner. Kissers are not created equal, but with some simple kissing etiquette and strategies, anyone can become a great kisser. Unfortunately, there are quite a […]

The Adult First Kiss

So, we are all grown up now and once again we find ourselves in that precarious position of experiencing the first kiss. This time its the adult first kiss. How does this differ from our teenager years first kiss, or does it? Oddly, there will be many similarities when you experience this first kiss. Don’t […]