Am I a Bad Kisser – 5 Sure Signs

am i a bad kisser
Are You Literally Knocking Them Dead With Your Kissing?

No-one wants to be labelled as a bad kisser. Being a good kisser is your path to greatness at becoming a great lover. If your are asking yourself “Am I a Bad Kisser?“, then you probably have a good idea already. The good news is that the difference between being a bad and good kisser is a very short learning curve. There is no bad news  –  everyone can become a great kisser.

What are the signs of “Am I A Bad Kisser”. Let’s look at the obvious five hints;

Length Of Kisses

Kisses that are highly satisfying should seem to last forever. What is forever in a kiss? A great session of kissing could last up to 30 minutes. The mingling and caressing of lips, with the occasional french kiss is a delight that both partners will thoroughly enjoy. If you are struggling to get past the one minute mark then something is quite amiss.

90% – 10% Rule

the not so good kiss
The Difference Between A Bad And Good Kisser Only A Few Lessons Away

What this rule means is that you go in 90% of the way for the kiss and she will meet you the other 10%. These are outside numbers, meaning that you should not have to go in more than 90%. If your kissing is great, then she will meet you around 50% of the way in. If your kissing rocks, you won’t even worry about initiating the kiss. If you are finding your self always having to commit 100% –  hmmmmmm!

She or He Will Not French Kiss

The French kiss can be considered a very intrusive kiss. It can take time for any partner to feel comfortable with this type of kiss. However, in an established relationship there is no excuse not to be French kissing. If your partner is not willing to French kiss or seems to bring it to a quick end, then you need to examine your technique. If you do not have the basics of the traditional kiss perfected, then do not move onto the French kiss.

Lack Of Smiling

A kiss should always make you smile. When you are finished with the kiss there should always be a smile present. Even if your facial muscles are not in a smiling pattern, your emotions are certainly smiling.

 Closeness Avoidance

Obviously the easiest way to avoid a kiss is to avoid being close. Most people fear telling their partner the truth about their kissing. I am not sure which is worse – continue being a bad kisser or being told you are a bad kisser.

The normal prelude to a kiss is an eagerness to get in close proximity. Kissing is very intimate and good kissing will put you in the position of never having to make an effort to get close.


Am I a Bad Kisser? Obviously there could be many other patterns that could indicate how your kissing performance is graded. Remember, everyone can be a better kisser and everyone should be a better kisser.




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