The Adult First Kiss

So, we are all grown up now and once again we find ourselves in that precarious position of experiencing the first kiss. This time its the adult first kiss. How does this differ from our teenager years first kiss, or does it? Oddly, there will be many similarities when you experience this first kiss.

Don’t think for a moment that just because we are now adults that your strategy can incorporate immediate advanced kissing techniques. Many rules of engagement will be consistent as with the younger generation. Some rules may allow for deviation in your timing, initiation and approach.

Remember the importance of the first kiss. Age has no bearing on the importance of this moment. Your future prospects for a continued relationship rely very much on this first kiss.

In a previous article I focused on the first kiss strategy for teenagers. After reviewing this, it struck me: “Are there really any differences for that first kiss? Is it really not age dependent?” I came to my personal conclusion that there really is no difference – other than perhaps a little more experience under your belt. Having said that, many adult men continue to be bad kissers and could benefit from reading How To Be A Good Kisser.

adult first kiss
First Time Grown Up Kisses Are Just As Hard

Lets compare A Few Do’s….from the previous article and add a note for its relevancy to the adult first kiss….

  • Do smile a lot, even while kissing.
    (certainly applicable at any age)
  • Do keep your tongue in your mouth. The first kiss should not be a French kiss unless she leads you down that path.
    (my stance is this is very true at any age)
  • Do keep your lips soft.
  • Do keep eye contact just before the kiss.
  • Do make sure you have nice breath.
    (the golden rule guys, don’t forget!)
  • Do start slow with very light pressure on the lips.
    (I know you have years of experience and going for the gusto will be hard to resist, GO SLOW and EASY)
  • Do begin with very small movements of lips, head, body and hands.
    (Its all about rhythm at any age)
  • If you make the first move, do be the one to pull back after the first kiss.
  • Do linger for a moment after the kiss – tell her “that was nice”.
    (probably one of the best adult kissing strategies)
  • Do simply ASK for a kiss if the stress has simply overcome you – besides, asking is a sign of respect.
    (respect at any age is paramount)

Lets compare the Technique….from the previous article and add a note for its relevancy to the adult first kiss….

  1. Make eye contact and let the tension build.
  2. Go in 90% of the way, let her come in the last 10% – this is a useful strategy that will quickly let you know is she is ready for that first kiss.
    (Always a great strategy to see if she is ready)
  3. Mirror her kissing technique / style – very important for that first time kiss. If you have concerns then the best option is to simply follow her style or technique
    (ALWAYS mirror her kiss, she will lead you into exactly how she wants to be kissed – at any age!)
  4. Start off slowly and gently at first, little to no tongue action (let her be the first to use tongue).
    It may be tempting on the first kiss to go full throttle and try to express all your pent-up passion in a melting liplock, but overly eager kissing from the get-go can scare your partner off. Really, it is far sexier to begin slowly
    and gently and build to a fiery crescendo. Think of it like starting a fire; first you need a spark and some
    kindling. Depending on your moods, it may take only a few seconds of smooching for the flames to ignite.

2 Starters For The Adult First Kiss

The very intimate kiss. Just barely brush her lips and then pull back.
Cup her face with both of your hands or even just gently lift her chin up for added effect.

Or the normal kiss, but only for 5 seconds then pull back as if nothing has happened. Keep talking for a few minutes in a relaxed manner. Whisper to her “That was really nice”.